About me

I'm a neuroscientist interested in understanding how different brain regions coordinate their activity to implement intelligent behaviours in mammals. We have traditionally zoomed into recording the activity of single or small groups of brain structures during specific behaviours. However, even the simplest behaviours rely on the coordination of activity between multiple brain areas located far apart and distributed across distinct functional sub-systems. Recent advances in functional imaging and electrophysiological methodologies are enabling neuroscientists to probe distributed information processing at cellular resolution.

In my Henry-Wellcome fellowship project, I am combining calcium imaging and electrophysiological techniques to study how inhibition and thalamic projections may allow mice to flexibly switch between cortical networks depending on the demands of the task at hand. To achieve this, I am bringing together the labs of Sonja Hofer, Adam Kampff and Michael Halassa.

I am also conducting methodological experiments with Neuropixel probes to enhance the interpretability of information we obtain from dense extracellular recordings.